“Out with the old, in with the new!”

That’s the timeless mantra around New Year’s. It describes the state of digital marketing in 2024, too. The social media landscape is rapidly evolving. Tools like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the metaverse (a 3D space to socialize, collaborate, and learn) will impact branded promotions. Consumers will be savvier and more selective. And businesses, as a result, will rely on creative avenues to “court” the masses.

But don’t take a virtual sledgehammer to old-hat marketing quite yet. Below, we’ll break down 2024 marketing trends, including how to blend strategy with new technology for true-blue success.

Digital Marketing: Welcome to the World of Simulation

2024 Marketing Trend: AI-Generated Content

The Latest: Social platforms will pour into both businesses and consumers, doubling down on AI usage and capabilities. Meta (Facebook and Instagram’s umbrella company) will leverage AI to generate posts and ad recommendations across user feeds. Social media platforms will aggregate AI-guided inspiration for posts, including virtual backgrounds and stickers.

For online businesses, AI-based chatbots are your new sidekick. These 24/7 assistants can answer consumer questions day and night. It’s no surprise chatbot usage is expected to explode by as much as 318%. Leaning on AI to create and edit content—especially photo editing and manipulation—will be second nature.

Recommended Strategies

  • Craft content that AI algorithms love—hint: videos take center stage.
  • Keep the audience in mind—Gen Z fully embraces AI engagement; boomers and Gen X may still be playing catch up.
  • Explore the capabilities of chatbots—a perfect stand-in for simple FAQs and general customer service. But leave more complex tasks to the human touch.
  • Establish guidelines for AI usage—the parameters with which to brainstorm, generate, and edit branded content.

2024 Marketing Trend: Short-Form Video

The Latest: Users still prefer short-form videos, and responsive algorithms are the proof. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are shifting toward more entertainment, less news, via Reels and Stories. LinkedIn is jumping on the video bandwagon, highlighting events and livestreams. Remember: video sharing boosts engagement, in addition to followers, so hooking consumers is key.

Recommended Strategies

  • Dive into the ins and outs of video creation—here are tips to get you started.
  • Think purpose—aim for entertainment over traditional advertising.
  • Keep it balanced—vary and repurpose content to drive engagement while remaining cost-effective.

2024 Marketing Trend: Virtual/Augmented Brand Experiences

The Latest: Along with conventional videos, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are gaining traction. AR Ads,on platforms like Facebook and Instagram let consumers interact with products, like visualizing the item in their home. The Metaverse will also enable immersive experiences, such as virtual storefronts (like H&M’s). Expect product launches to exhibit tactile and sensory elements—the makings of our three-dimensional world.

Recommended Strategies

  • Research before investing—seek out examples and consider the benefits of AR/VR for your brand.
  • Test and iterate—start with small-scale AR/VR experiences, gather feedback, and refine.
  • Promote user-generated content—encourage users to share their AR/VR experiences within your branded communities.

2024 Marketing Trend: Personalized Marketing

The Latest: Customers will keep craving ads as personalized as their morning coffee. Sugar? Creamer? Decaffeinated? You’ll have to decipher individual preferences.

Social media algorithms will customize feeds, spooning users more of what they’ve engaged with recently. This “lookalike content” is otherwise known as contextual advertising. The good news? Thanks to back-end social media analytics, marketers can uncover what makes their audience tick. In other words, the answers lie in the data.

Take notes from Spotify Wrapped: think hyper-personalized, hyper-shareable.

Recommended Strategies

  • Target diverse customer personas—investigate demographics, interests, and conversions (a.k.a. the buyer’s journey).
  • Prioritize one-on-one interactions—invest in chat support and direct messaging.
  • Leverage user-generated content—request and share reviews with followers.
  • Monitor KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)—track engagement and adjust promotional campaigns based on audience responses.

2024 Marketing Trend: Social Responsibility

The Latest: Despite digital’s ever-changing tide, authenticity remains an anchor. Consumers seek brands that resonate with their values, placing the spotlight on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies. Global climate change, human rights, and labor laws have prompted businesses to act responsibly. Sustainability will demand ethical practices like fair trade sourcing, zero waste packaging, and transparency of government-regulated goods and services.

Recommended Strategies

  • Create content to educate and entertain—not to sell blanketed products and services.
  • Tout your best practices—track and convey sustainable initiatives and their impact.
  • Involve your audience—create ways for consumers to get involved in shared causes and play up charitable partnerships.

The year 2024 will bring significant shifts to the digital marketing landscape. But at the end of the day, timeless principles remain:

Know your values
Know your audience
Keep the content flowing

Armed with a blend of proven and innovative true-blue strategies, you’re nothing but poised for success. Eager for a deeper dive? Book a complimentary call with One Part Social. We’ll give you insights into a 12-month marketing blueprint for your business!

Now that’s cause for a celebration. Don’t you think?