From Philly to the Jersey Shore, we’re East Coast creatives. We educate your market, socially, to grow your business, locally. Let us put you on the map.

Home to the Declaration of Independence and the Liberty Bell, our team has love for the scroll, digitally and figuratively. Growing your biz—that’s history in the making, too.

We’re One Part Social.
We see your potential.
We root for your rise.

As a women-led, social media firm, we’re the total package—according to digital algorithms 😉. Seriously, ask for our digits. Here are a few…

Our clients experience, on average, a 40% increase in online traffic annually. And more than a 400% return of investment on ad spend for ecommerce.

That’s because we use a strengths-based approach to marketing. After working with dozens of entrepreneurs and service providers, it became clear: no one wants to “lose” themselves online.

The good news is, with us, you don’t have to.

Marketing is crazy effective when you don’t cut corners. As partners, One Part Social gives you top-of-funnel support that draws on your existing benefits, informs your audience, and engages inquiries and conversations organically.

So, if you’re expecting…

• An overnight turnaround for search engine results
• A lavish and mega-influential lifestyle brand
• A smoke and mirrors approach to sales and profits
• A steady presence on every available social platform

then we’re not your digital dream team.

Why hire us?

We’re a boutique agency, agile and targeted 🎯, favoring legacy over pageantry. Social media, after all, should feel effortless—a light shoulder tap, a head nod, or coffee chat. It’s approachable and airy, builds trust over time, and allows your true colors to shine.

A gazillion marketers use fancy talk. We’re social listeners. Repping what really matters.

As #truebluemarketers, we’ve got East Coast spunk and scrappy dedication. What’s your hue? That ultra-vibrant, multidimensional “thing” that just sticks? What people know you and love you for is your essence, and we present it in a way that’s relevant and engaging to your target audience.

We don’t close the loop. We keep the door ajar. And the content flowing. Always consistent and polished. Marketing with integrity.

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About Our Founder & Creative Director

Melissa Goldstein

My trek to small business ownership was a fluke. But isn’t that how all great stories begin?

I was the resident “poster” child for friends and business owners. As in how to post, what to post, and when on social media. What started as free advice turned into a flurry of referrals.

As a previous entertainment news reporter, brand strategist, and copywriter, my credentials span media and communications in many capacities. With a best-in-class Hootsuite Certification in online content marketing as well as a proprietary certification for Mailchimp’s premier email marketing platform, I’ve created a groundswell of engagement and awareness for my B2C and B2B clients.

Half a decade in, my company, One Part Social, has headlined workshops with Social Media Day Philly, Stockton University, and neighboring Chambers of Commerce. I’m also a lead marketing consultant for the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Rutgers University, educating eager start-ups while making an impact in my local community.

With almost 20 years of comprehensive industry experience, I, along with my seasoned team, manage and mobilize social media marketing plans for businesses and entrepreneurs with boots-on-the-ground, bleeding-edge best practices.

Always learning and innovating, so our clients benefit too. Want to work with my talented team and me? Book a time slot on my calendar, here.

When I’m offline and ‘selfie-free’…

Favorite Restaurant: Talula’s Garden (Philadelphia)
Summer Fun: Shriver’s Fudge (Ocean City, New Jersey) on the beach
Personal Hobby: Running 5Ks and my favorite, the Broad Street 10 miler
Precious Pooch: Georgia, my 7-year-old lab/pit mix

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