If you ask One Part Social… digital marketing answers two questions.

Who are you?
And, how can your product or service make my life better?

Think of it as “business gravitas”—part art, part science, and part social. To reach this apex, the impact of your marketing message rests on your direct and consistent efforts… day in and day out. No pressure, right?

Perhaps the thought of managing social media, on your own, feels way (emphasis on waaayyy) out of your comfort zone. And, you just can’t figure out ads manager. Or, if your dollars are not only quantifying, but qualifying, the right foot traffic.

Truth be told, the more exposure for your brand, the greater the avenues for growth 🌱.

That’s why you need a social partner and lead generator. Lucky for you, One Part Social’s dream team focuses on a data-driven approach to meet and exceed your marketing goals. So, forget about…

  • Content calendars
  • Hashtag hoopla
  • Boring blog articles
  • Repetitive research

That’s our job. We quietly command backend operations—fine tuning your voice, optimizing sales funnels and feeds, and offering whip-smart calls-to-action.

Making you known (is who we are). Ensuring you’re capable and memorable (is how we make your life better). That’s what we, the #truebluemarketers, call a perfect partnership. Ready for what’s next?

Our True-Blue Process: Your Social Blueprint

We specialize in targeted social media management and advertising, content creation, and email marketing. If you’re a business, entrepreneur, or multi-chain enterprise, we’ll help you scale up—minus the price tag. We’ll save you as much as half to a third of what in-house teams typically cost. And, we’ll get to know you just as deeply and effectively.

That’s our true-blue 🤝 promise.

Want to work with us? Here’s what to expect.


We take a holistic view of your current marketing assets, historical data, and industry competitors to understand where you’re positioned and where you’re poised to go.


We identify your market value (a.k.a. business gravitas) and develop a sequential output of customer touchpoints that raise awareness, recall, and buy-in.


We set up, deploy, and beta-test branded deliverables (ad and social campaigns, content pillars, etc.) across multiple channels and over several months.


We conduct “heat mapping,” reporting on organic and paid traffic taking into account first party data, hashtag research, sales metrics, and customer acquisition. From there, we evolve our efforts doubling down on what’s working and eliminating what’s not.

👉 Note: we charge a one-time fee for onboarding and your Social Blueprint.

Our Services

Ghostwriting & Content Creation

  • Short and long-form case studies, SEO-driven blogs, and website copy
  • Branded thought leadership, including LinkedIn profile makeovers

A LinkedIn profile makeover starts at $525.00.

Case studies, blogs, and website copy varies, depending on scope and/or frequency of work. Services can be bundled and/or customized to fit your specific needs

Paid Advertising Campaigns

  • LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram (channel setup, audience segmentation and deployment, ad creative and written captions)
  • Monthly reporting on analytics, recommendations, and one-on-one consulting

Pricing will vary depending on scope and/or frequency of work. Services can be bundled and/or customized to fit your specific needs.

Add-On Service: Email Marketing

Unlike social media, you “own” your email list. These are your personal subscribers who have opted-in to hear from you. Think of it as a more “direct communication” path to your audience. Want to be even more relevant and engaging? Then we highly recommend this marketing tool, in conjunction with social, to provide consistent outreach and to stay top of mind.

  • Monthly email sequences, newsletters, and holiday-driven campaigns delivered to a subscriber’s inbox
  • Special ad-hoc announcements and touchpoints falling outside of scheduled communications also delivered to a subscriber’s inbox
  • Crafting of email subject lines, mobile-friendly formatting, deployment and testing, and monitoring of email opens and click-through rates
  • Setup of your Mailchimp account by our certified experts and/or operating within your existing email platform and industry regulations

Pricing will vary depending on scope and/or frequency of work. Services can be bundled and/or customized to fit your specific needs.

Okay, you’ve done your homework. You’ve checked us out. Maybe it’s time we were on a first-name basis?

Please accept our Social Call, a complimentary, 30-minute consultation to discuss our Blueprint 🛠 that nails down an approach—so you’re no longer in distress, but “scrolling forward” to digital success.