Video marketing has skyrocketed in popularity since its launch in the early 2000s—and with good reason. Over 80 percent of marketers say videos generate leads and directly impact sales.  If you own a small business, what social media marketing platform works best for video creation and sharing?

Your first instinct might be to turn to YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok…but have you considered Facebook Reels? Released globally in September 2021, Facebook Reels quickly became a leading social media marketing strategy. And posting them can benefit your small business too.

Read on to find out how.

What Are Facebook Reels?

These are short video clips (60 seconds max) that feature music, audio, and sound effects. Facebook Reels are viewable via the Facebook Newsfeed, Groups, and Menu. When you post a reel, it’s accessible to current audience members AND those who don’t yet follow you. All thanks to the Facebook Reels algorithm, which exposes people to “discoverable” new content.

How Can Facebook Reels Benefit Your Small Business? 

These videos are ideal for:

  • Entertaining or educating your audience
  • Sharing business info in quick, easy-to-digest snippets
  • Launching a new product
  • Doing a before-and-after reveal
  • Piloting a promotion or targeted campaign

In short, Facebook Reels keep your audience up-to-date and excited about your brand!

Videos are an easy way for your current followers to engage as well as to expand your reach. Because of the above-mentioned algorithm, your business’s reels will be publicly shared with people who don’t currently follow you but might be interested in your content. Creators, whose reels reach a certain number of viewers, can also earn monetary compensation from Facebook. However, we recommend tailoring content to your known audience rather than spontaneously jumping on the “viral trends” bandwagon.

Do you really want to “reel” them in? Get in front of more viewers with this easy trick.

If you’re already using Instagram Reels or Facebook Live as part of your social media marketing strategy, it’s easy to sync up (or duplicate) this content to Facebook Reels. Instagram Reels, in particular, can be shared by turning on the “Recommend on Facebook” option. 

Tips for Making High-Quality Facebook Reels

Creating an original Facebook Reel is pretty straightforward:


Go to your Facebook business page (the feed) and click “Create Reels.” Or, while viewing a reel, click the camera icon in the top-right corner to make your own.


Add video to your reel, either by recording something new or uploading something from your phone and/or files.


Edit your reel with audio, text, effects, captions, and/or a timer.


Write a description for your reel.


Click “Share Reel” to publish your content.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Record a VERTICAL video in a well-lit space
  • Show off your brand’s personality by experimenting with AR filters, music from the Facebook library, Remix, and camera effects
  • Limit your captions—focus on hooking your audience in 3-5 words
  • Keep up with trends in your industry and “remix” Reels you’re inspired by
  • Track engagement to find out what resonates with your audience

Like anything, creating high-quality Facebook Reels comes with practice. Start creating and you’ll see how quickly this tool can give your brand a boost. For more social media support, reach out to One Part Social by visiting us here.