He’s always dressed in red… Santa, that is. After all, his suit is iconic.

Yet, for entrepreneurs and small businesses, being “in the red” signifies danger: inflation, net loss, and supply chain snafus. The good news—you operate with nary a middle-man. So, act nimble, take the reins, and be a holiday marketing tour de force.

We’re sharing four simple strategies to prepare for the seasonal pandemonium (reindeer not included, sorry!). 

What is Holiday Marketing?

It’s Deeper Than the Purse Strings.   

On the surface, fourth-quarter seasonal promotions are a cash cow. Your inbox might be blanketed with discounts and doorbusters galore. However, for local businesses, they’re getting the deal of a lifetime—not only in dollars but data.

By setting up shop online and in-store, every purchase unveils the buyer’s journey. Charitable giving and community partnerships ignite brand power too. Like a snow globe, the dust will eventually settle and reveal the bigger picture—how future projections can improve the bottom line.

Can you say priceless? 

Why Compete for Consumer Attention?

Because New Business is Bound to Happen.

Countless studies prove that the end of the year is the most lucrative season for small businesses—with B2C service providers making as much as 50 percent of their annual revenue. You might be wondering… what’s their secret? How are they able to draw customers amidst the hustle and bustle?

Well, for starters—a high-quality holiday marketing campaign increases engagement with its client base, offers special deals and promotions, and gives back to loyal customers.

You likely have tried-and-true promotional strategies that serve you well. But the holiday season is different—it’s the Superbowl of buying decisions. Year-end marketing leaves a lasting impression, much like music, menorah, or tree decorating.

Check this out:

  • More people are shopping with a higher sense of urgency. In 2021, nearly half of U.S. consumers began their excursions before Thanksgiving.
  • Mobile phones are the new megaphones of advertising. Folks are monitoring in-store inventory on-the-go. And a whopping 60 percent are heading to neighborhood stores out of convenience (survey by Vericast).
  • And it’s no surprise—people typically feel positive and generous around the holidays and look for ways to act on those feelings. ‘Tis the season—to be the reason—they fill that void. 

Ready to Craft a Successful Holiday Marketing Plan?

These Tips will “Tip” the Scales in Your Favor.

One of the most important tips has already been addressed: start early. Your holiday marketing plan should also be just that—a plan—with regularly scheduled messages sent out to customers as well as benchmarks to keep you on track.

Here are some other things to consider:

  1. Make It Personal

Customers are bombarded with ads around the holidays, so you need to find a way to stand out. Gathering data on your brand’s audience is a good place to start.

Who is buying your products or services?

What is important to them?

How can your business best serve them?

Curate a gift guide to help customers shop for family and friends, send special deals for products they have purchased in the past, roll out a seasonal rewards program, or run a contest with prizes you know they’ll love.

  1. Make It Multi-Platform

Knowing your audience means knowing the channels they engage with—usually, there’s more than one. Tying your campaign to multiple platforms has its benefits:

  • Social Media: Craft holiday-themed posts (with and without promoting your products); share brand FAQs and field direct customer messages; promote holiday deals and giveaways; and offer lead magnets like holiday checklists and templates to entice email subscribers.
  • Email: Establish a regular line of communication with current customers (weekly, at minimum); send targeted messages based on their interests; share reminders about upcoming sales, contests, and events; and distribute coupons to redeem in-store and/or online.
  • Advertising Campaigns: Use Google Ads or similar paid media to showcase special deals and increase reach. You can incorporate lead magnets here, too, to elicit trust and engagement.
  1. Make It Generous

The holidays are an opportunity to give back to those who have supported your brand all year. Consider hosting a customer appreciation event or sending thank-you cards to loyal clients. And finally, partner with a local nonprofit—doing so signals your brand’s values and gives your audience a way to participate in a good cause.

  1. Make It Sustainable

Don’t restrict your holiday marketing to Black Friday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. Follow up with post-holiday offers and think about how to draw people to your brand with specially curated content on “ultra-niche” holidays (like Groundhog’s Day or Arbor Day).

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