SEO counts—especially on Google.

Shoppers are savvy when sifting through search results. They seek businesses that resonate, fulfill a need, and inspire trust. And in this digital world, to know you is to discover you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) crawls, sorts, and indexes the highest-ranked, keyword-rich pages. Like every other B2B and B2C outfit, you’re vying for top billings alongside queries and paid content.

So, how do you appease the “hot spot” that never sleeps? Where the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is more crowded than a morning Starbucks run? We have the venti-sized solution: a Google Business Profile.

What is a Google Business Profile?

A Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business or a.k.a. Google Business Page) appears at the tip-top of Google display results. Similar to sponsored ads, yet this profile is parked for free.

Google Business Listing features basic information:

  • Operating hours
  • Street address
  • Company description
  • Phone number
  • Website URL

Plus, you can customize the page:

  • Photos and logos
  • Company services
  • Product promos
  • Social media links
  • Customer FAQs
  • Reviews and testimonials

Essentially, your Google Business Profile is your online calling card and an especially great touchpoint for local shoppers. An impressive 86 percent of consumers rely on Google Business when investigating services in their neighborhood.

Just think of how many times you perform a search query with the phrase “Near Me.”
For instance, looking to dine alfresco? Hey Google, search “Outdoor Patio Furniture Near Me.”

Your Business Profile mirrors an SEO cache; information turned into a marketable asset stored on servers and directories indefinitely. Or, as long as you keep your profile active. And with that, your enterprise is hyper-local and discoverable (within as little as seven days).

Ready for more phone calls and foot traffic? Here’s where to begin.

How Do I Make a Google Business Profile?

Step 1: Create
Creating or claiming a Google Business Profile won’t cost you a dime.

Just follow these steps:
1) Sign into your Google Account
2) Go to Create a Profile to find or add your business
3) Pick your business category from 4,000+ options
4) Mark your physical location on the map
5) Define locations in your service area, if geographically bound
6) Add phone number, web URL, and other essential details
7) Verify your profile via receiving/returning a postcard, phone, or video verification as prompted

And that’s it—you’re officially in the SEO business. When customers search your name, they’ll spot your Google Business Profile as it appears in search algorithms. But since you want to shine in a broader context, too, let’s talk optimization.

Step 2: Optimize
When someone searches for a business “Near Me,” Google sorts three key criteria: Relevance, Distance, and Prominence. Customers have very similar priorities, so optimizing around them is a win-win.

Optimizing relevance = sharing high-quality, accurate information and photos

  • Add a 750-word business description that’s catchy and sprinkled with keywords
  • Choose attributes like “women-owned” or “wheelchair-accessible” to emphasize values, standards, and accommodations
  • Post product promos and upcoming events to capture audience interest
  • Upload eye-catching visuals—around 11 images are ideal

Optimizing distance = locking down location information

  • Verify your street address—especially if a brick-and-mortar business
  • Define geographic service areas; locations less than two hours away are recommended for on-site locations
  • Geotag images before uploading to reflect where you’re located and/or where you serve

Optimizing prominence = building reputation and credibility

  • Curate customer testimonials—encourage glowing reviews and respond to negative ones promptly
  • Post FAQs to demonstrate your attentiveness to customer needs
  • Boost online buzz by collaborating with area businesses or participating in community events—post to your Google Business Page

Step 3: Maintain
A Google Business Profile requires moderate upkeep. Two areas to prioritize:

  • Staying Informed: Google constantly introduces new customization options for business profiles. Naturally, we love the ability to add social media links. It’s a perfect way to drive consumers to your fully optimized socials.
  • Staying Engaged: Share all the juicy details about your products, services, special offers, and events using the “post” feature. And check that your business hours reflect the season. Lastly, be sure to reply to any unfavorable comments and reviews with empathy, courtesy, and future-forward solutions.

Is Your SEO Strategy Working For You?

We’re here to help B2B and B2C businesses add to their marketing arsenal. Have you heard about our Social Blueprint? It’s an integrated branding package designed to elevate your social and search.

Now, about that Starbucks coffee we mentioned earlier…
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