Did you know that over 35 new features have been added to LinkedIn since the beginning of 2022? These features vary widely, from inbox filters to lead generation forms. All are meant to help professionals and companies connect on the platform. Still, we think several features are especially useful for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Check out the top five ways you can promote your brand using LinkedIn’s new features:

  1. Turn on Creator Mode to expand your audience and influence. 

Creator mode is a profile setting option that lets you highlight the topics you post about and the original content you create. When you turn on this mode, you can include hashtags related to the issues you discuss in your profile introduction, making it easier for other users to find and follow you. LinkedIn will feature any original content you feature at the top of your profile. Additionally, creator mode comes with an analytics page to track how your content is performing, and access to other creator tools like LinkedIn Live.

  1. Produce Live videos to connect with followers in real-time. 

Approved LinkedIn members and pages can stream videos straight to their followers’ news feeds. Since viewers can react and comment during a live stream, it’s a great space to receive and respond to customer feedback. In addition, once the live stream ends, the video becomes a public post on your profile and page.

Here are more tips for creating engaging live videos across social media platforms.

  1. Create a Carousel to showcase products or services. 

Instead of only sharing a single image, file, or video, LinkedIn users can now add multiple pieces of content to a single interactive post called a carousel. Carousels are shared with followers; you can automate their movement or allow viewers to click through each slide. Carousels are perfect for communicating product displays, blog posts, or eye-catching presentation slides. Here are a few models to help spark your inspiration.

  1. Use your company page to react to and comment on posts. 

Admins of company LinkedIn pages can “like” and “comment” on public content using their page itself—instead of simply liking and commenting through an individual LinkedIn profile. This feature can be turned on whenever you interact with a post by clicking on the circular icon in the left-hand corner and choosing who you are “reacting as” (your personal profile vs. your company’s page). The feature can help your business to connect with customers directly and engage in industry conversations. Anyone who has admin access to your business’s account can enable this feature, so it can also bring together employees’ responses under a unified brand.

  1. Connect with employees and support their engagement with company content. 

Employees can be some of your best brand ambassadors on social media, and LinkedIn offers several new features for engaging with them. First, turn on employer verification so your company page is accessible to all current employees with an email address matching your domain name. Whenever you create a post, you can now select the option to “Notify employees”. That way, employees will be sure to see your posts, re-share or react to them, and stay up to date with your brand’s communication. Encourage employees to re-share your content and consider doing the same for them. By turning on “Trending Employee Content,” you’ll allow the most popular posts from your employees to appear on your page. Learn more about how to manage this feature here.

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