Is LinkedIn the new Facebook for business? It has quickly evolved into a powerful space for cultivating and sharing content, establishing thought leadership, and making valuable industry connections. According to LinkedIn, comments, likes, and post shares are up more than 60% year-over-year, while 45% of all social media traffic to a company’s homepage comes from engaged LinkedIn users. If that doesn’t urge you to make the world’s largest networking platform “one part” of your business plan, then I don’t know what would. 

So, where should you start?

LinkedIn Learning Tip: Develop Your Audience

First and foremost, determine your LinkedIn audience. This is easier than you may think.

Start by analyzing who your current customers are and what types of customers you want to attract. Be sure to answer questions: 

  1. Where does your target audience work? (country, state, city)
  2. What size company do they work for? (look at the advanced search for LinkedIn to select company size filters)
  3. What is their job title? (C Suite, mid-management, etc.)
  4. Are your prospects likely to be hanging out in certain LinkedIn groups? If so which ones? (try searching for a specific niche)
  5. What are your prospect’s “pain points” and what solution-providers are they likely seeking? (i.e., a Home Mortgage Broker or SEO Website Designer, etc.) 

By now you have filled in the fields for your advanced search. Note the first degree and second-degree connections within your search results. What (or who) do you have in common? How could you break the ice leveraging these shared interests? What can YOU do for them (not vice versa)? Remember, it’s not about your agenda, especially when creating those first few touch points.  

LinkedIn Learning Tip: Post Regularly, But Engage Even More

Like other social platforms, LinkedIn is not a ‘set it and forget it’ channel. Talking at people doesn’t work either. To get the most out of LinkedIn:

  1. Create and post varied content from your business page regularly. Thought leadership articles, videos, white papers, and long-form articles all with accompanying images are perfect to share. 
  2. Be sure your employees are sharing company posts too, expediting brand awareness for your business.
  3. Scroll through your feed daily, or at least weekly, and read other industry posts. Offer at least five smart comments on posts that resonate most with you. This will help jumpstart conversations with those outside of your regular network. The more you show up, the more curious folks will be to check out your LinkedIn profile and website. That’s how to “click” with people, quite literally! 

LinkedIn Learning Tip: Don’t Shy Away From Video

Creating video content for LinkedIn is a must. In one year, LinkedIn video posts generated  more than 300 million impressions on the platform. Plus, video content earns an average of three times the engagement of text-based posts. With native video software capabilities that allow you to upload prerecorded video or stream live video, there’s an ease to the whole process. So, plug these visual elements into your social media strategy — pronto.  

Ok, I know being in front of the camera isn’t fun for everyone. And you may be thinking; if I were good at acting, I’d be in a different business (Hollywood, perhaps). However, that’s just it. The purpose of video for LinkedIn (or any social channel) isn’t to transform yourself into someone else. It’s the opposite. After all, you’re the expert in your business, so be transparent and be yourself. Offer valuable industry information from your perspective – whether broadcasting in your office or any other brand appropriate location. Create short films (3 to 10 minutes in length) that go behind-the-scenes and offer a close up of what your company does, who comprises your team, and what solutions or knowledge you can provide. Keep videos simple and be natural. And no, that’s not always easy to do. But trust me, your on-camera skills will get better with some practice. 

And, one last thing… nowadays, smartphone cameras and a standing tripod are all you need to record a high-resolution picture. So, pack light even on-the-go!   

Here are a few other LinkedIn video tips: 

  1. Optimize your setup. Make sure the area where you’re filming is well-lit (natural lighting works best). The background should be on-brand and not too cluttered. The camera position should be on par with the content you’re creating (not too close or too far away). 
  2. Focus on a hook. The goal here is to have someone engaged from the onset. Start with an interesting and attention-grabbing clip to start the video.

LinkedIn Learning: Look To Lead Generation Forms

Want to know the inside scoop on getting important information from prospective leads? Use LinkedIn Lead Gen forms. Designed to capture contact information in just a few clicks via mobile, where 57% of LinkedIn interactions take place, lead forms can be customized for your industry and audience.Plug these forms into sponsored content and sponsored InMail campaigns for best results. 

There you have it – some quick tactics to take advantage of LinkedIn for business.

Of course, you can always rely on One Part Social to help you make an impact too. Call, click, or direct message us anytime.

We would so love to “link” up with you!  

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