“Roam if you want to… roam around the world.” 
“Roam if you want to without wings, without wheels.”

I get lost in these 80’s song lyrics. In fact, if I didn’t know better, I’d say the B-52’s predicted the future. Underneath their infectious party anthem is a rocking truth: we can “roam” where we want across the social media superhighway without the need for any mode of transportation except some digital know how. 

Got fashion advice for clients in east L.A.? Tweet at them! 

Selling crab nets to deep water Alaskan fisherman? Run a geo-focused ad.

That’s right. If you’re laying down roots as a startup online, today it’s deliciously unprecedented. Delicious as in easy, instantaneous, and worth doing.    

So, what are the best social methods to market your new business? Here are some proven strategies that will help you today.

Channel a bit of “fauxstalgia” for your opening act. 

According to Kate Wolff, a guest writer for Entrepreneurfauxstalgia is yearning for a time in the past, even though you may have never experienced its heyday. Essentially, your business may be an unknown right now, but anchoring your brand to the familiar will put you ‘in touch’ with others.

Here’s a great example. In 2012, Subaru debuted its “First Car Story” campaign allowing consumers to use real-time animation and essentially recreate the story of their beloved former cars. However, it wasn’t about a vehicle at all; it was the memories associated with it. 

Try to use familiar movie references, iconic historical moments, or other milestones to think outside the box. Play up popular hashtags like #tbt (Throwback Thursday) or Instagram’s #fridayintroductions to explain who you are and what you do. Sentimentality can open up a conversation and help your brand connect with your tribe. Leveraging social media marketing to sell a “feeling” with images and video is one of the best ways to build a following.

For more ideas, check out ThriveHive’s list of niche-specific hashtags right over here.

Think of marketing as an investment instead of an expense.

Chances are, as a startup, you’re a one-man act or a female solopreneur. You’re probably wearing all the operational hats and don’t want to incur extra costs. However, making some smart investments in your business early on and outsourcing your social media marketing will be better for the long-term growth of your business. Trust me, there aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all. Invest in a freelancer who can create and publish great content consistently. Otherwise, your focus will be scattered while trying to blog, caption, and hold conference calls simultaneously. Check out virtual assistant companies and job matching sites like Upwork, Guru, and LinkedIn Pro Finder to uncover talent.

Next, only invest in one or two social media platforms to start. Choose the ones where your audience goes to for information and create a social media plan that complements your overall marketing goals.

Don’t underestimate the “feedback loop.”

Here are two trade secrets: calls to action and surveys.

If you’ve got zero followers, start blogging on Medium and LinkedIn. These platforms boast a built-in audience, along with a tag search. For instance, if you’re a wealth manager you’ll want to add industry-specific tags to your blogs or articles that others would naturally seek out such as #retirementplanning or #financialplanning.

At the end of your blog, ask if this content was helpful. Or, even better, ask followers to pass it along and include a link to a download to capture emails and start a mailing list to provide more value later on. The more you blog (and email), and provide quality content, the faster you’ll be seen as an authority.

Finally, perform market research to “test” out what you’re selling. Online tools like SurveyMonkey and PickFU are perfect for sampling answers from a select demographic or age group. By doing your homework, you won’t end up being a one-hit wonder. 

Got a startup or small business? Looking to become a crowd favorite? It’s time to roam where you want to – and my team can help you get there.  Call us today.