You heard it here first: QR codes are making a comeback. Last year, more than 83.5 million Americans scanned a QR code at least once. And that number is expected to reach 99.5 million by 2025.

What’s behind this resurgence? The smartphone—improvements in tech mean most phone cameras are equipped to scan codes automatically. Plus, the demand for contactless transactions has skyrocketed in recent years (thanks COVID).

You’ve probably seen QR codes laminated on restaurant tables as menu placeholders. Or on apps like Venmo, speeding up the tab-splitting process.

So, Can QR Codes Drive Your Business’s Social Media Management?

Yes, and we’re here to break it down…all the conveniences of mobile on the go.

Key 1: Understand the QR Code

QR stands for “quick response.” Think of a QR code (a square with black-and-white lines and squiggles) as a condensed bar code. Yet, unlike traditional bar codes that store product information, dynamic QR codes harbor multiple links and datasets.

Some of which are super valuable for social media management, such as highlighting:

  • Any of your business’s social media pages
  • A landing page with links to ALL your social platforms
  • Calendar invites for events
  • Coupons for special deals you’re promoting
  • Contact information for your customer service team

Once someone scans the QR code, their smart device will quickly interpret the embedded information. And respond by taking users to an intended page or promotion. Now customers can keep interacting with your brand!

And, like all great marketing, this presents an endless feedback loop. You know, that friend who keeps the conversation flowing—it’s, quite simply, good for business.

Key 2: Build the QR Code

Search “generate a QR code” in any internet browser, and you’ll get a ton of options for free code creation. Most are workable, but not all are created equal.

Here are a couple of tips:

  • Use Auto-Generated Codes from Social Platforms: A quick and easy way to integrate QR codes is to use pre-made options from Instagram and LinkedIn. On your business’s Instagram, go to settings, then click “QR Code” to access and customize its color. If on LinkedIn’s mobile app, go to the search bar. Proceed to tap the QR code option and click “My Code” to select your own.
  • Stand Out from the Crowd: Black-and-white QR codes are everywhere. And dare we say…a little boring. Sites like QR-Code Monkey and io let you customize both the color and shape of the body (the black-and-white squares). The same goes for the “eye frames” (the larger squares in the three corners) as well as the “eyes” (the dots within the eye frames).

You can even add an image indicating what content you’re linking to or else your company’s logo. See what we did below using QR-Code Monkey:


  • Get the Format Right: A caveat to the tips above—make sure your QR code looks like a QR code. That means your customers recognize it and have no trouble scanning it. Keep your code around 2 x 2 cm (0.8 x 0.8 inches) so it’s easy to scan on any device. When downloading the code, make sure it’s in a scalable vector format like SVG, EPS, or PDF— rather than a JPEG or PNG file. Scalable vector formats won’t pixelate when increasing or decreasing their size to fit marketing materials.

Key 3: Use the QR Code

Post QR codes where customers interact with you: business cards, promotional materials, product packaging, storefront displays, videos, and emails. When used well, they seamlessly bridge the gap between physical and digital customer exchanges. In effect, making it easier for people to stay engaged longer.

Three ways to integrate QR codes into social media management:

  1. Drive Traffic to Social Platforms: As aforementioned, create QR codes that link directly to your business’s social pages. And be strategic—point codes toward a post customers should like, collaborators they should follow, or Reels they should share.
  2. Boost Brand Awareness: QR codes pack a one-two advertising punch: the way it looks should catch your customer’s eye and keep your business in mind. Selling a new product? Use a code to promote your IG tutorial video. Want reviews after a grand opening? Add a code to your business card redirecting folks to your Facebook page.
  3. Broadcast Exclusive Content and Deals:  Sharing product coupons, campaign signups, and special announcements just became easier. Add QR codes to print or email flyers, create an aura of mystery (what’s lurking behind that square?), and enrich the buyer’s journey with nothing more than a scan. If you want to get really meta, include QR codes on social media posts themselves. This way desktop users are encouraged to open them by switching to mobile.

Key 4: Track the QR Code

QR code generators often provide analytics:

  • The number of times the code was scanned
  • The number of unique users who scanned the code
  • The locations where the code was scanned
  • The types of devices that scanned the code

Tracking these metrics helps clarify their degree of effectiveness. Ultimately, QR codes are a valuable addition to your social media metrics toolkit.

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