We get it—small business marketing is a lot to handle when running a modest to midsize operation. There are nearly 9,000 agencies in the US dedicated to digital advertising strategies, which makes outsourcing promotions entirely possible. Of course, choosing the right agency is a difficult task by itself, and your first instinct may be to think big. Big agencies have more clout, more resources, and more return on your investment…right?

We’d like to propose a counterpoint: smaller = better. In many cases, small or boutique marketing firms offer the same level of skill and expertise that can get your audience’s attention—we’re grittier, boots-on-the-ground enterprises. We’re hyperlocal, too, and spirited about our roots, story, and our clients…sound familiar? There’s a lot at stake (and we’re not just talking Philly cheesesteaks!).

But seriously, if you’re ever in our neck of the woods, let’s do lunch… and talk shop.

Small Business Marketing: Huge Wins Start Here

The top four perks of partnering with a tiny but mighty marketing machine.  

1. Small Client Base = More Personalized Service

Boutique agencies are known for bespoke services. They dig into each client’s industry, identify their target audience(s), and create brands that showcase their niche. These agencies can offer personal touches because of their size.

In a large marketing firm, the matrix can be similar; however, your small to midsize business becomes one of hundreds on the client roster.  And you’ll likely be offered a one-size-fits-all approach dependent on a tiered or cascading delivery model. A small agency, which might boast 10 to 20 clients, has more time to devote to each account. That’s by design, and we tend to take on each project with an artisanal eye and endless experimentation. 

2. Small Rulebook = More Flexibility

Smaller agencies don’t maneuver corporate silos or protocols that trickle down from a hierarchy.  Instead, project management is nimble: the team member working on your project can simply access the resources needed and get your campaign rolling. As a result, it’s easier to adapt and roll with the punches when timelines change–in the digital space, agility is everything. 

3. Small Team = More Transparency

When choosing a smaller agency, you’ll likely work with the head of the company–there’s no “Great Oz” behind the curtain. However, you’ll also get a design team, content writers, and anyone else involved with your marketing. Not only does this foster personalized service, but it also improves transparency. Each team member can create exactly what you need, and you’ll know it can realistically be delivered. Plus, it’s often easier for small teams to communicate with each other—which translates to better (and faster!) communication for clients, too. 

4. Small(er) Overhead = More Value for Your $$$

Smaller agencies have fewer overhead costs to worry about, so they can prioritize differently. Instead of devoting their budget to massive office spaces or huge employee networks, they can offer more competitive prices.  And since a small agency has fewer clients, your success is critical to their bottom line, so they’ll work especially hard to make sure you’re satisfied.

Don’t get us wrong… small business marketing is a BIG undertaking. Larger firms have much to offer in the way of disruption, reach, and more services. The key here is to consider your budget and the kind of individual attention you want–and ultimately need.

It adds up: smaller = better (in many cases). Want to see for yourself? Reach out to One Part Social for all your digital marketing needs: https://onepartsocial.com/contact/.