Though users on social media platforms are at an all-time high, engagement in the past few years has noticeably declined. Social media can be a powerful tool to engage with your fans and followers and build your brand. That’s only if you know how to create content that provides value, captures attention and prompts responses.

So, how can your business increase interactions on social media platforms? Here are some tried and true methods that could work for you.

Craft the Perfect Call to Action

A Call to Action tells viewers exactly what you want them to do. Whether it’s clicking a link to read a blog, watching a video, or signing up for a newsletter.

iMPACT shares 6 key tips for creating high performing calls to action: 1) make it action-oriented, 2) use the first-person, 3) include strong visuals, 4) create a sense of urgency, 5) eliminate objectives or friction, and 6) make it stand out and easy to find.

Keep in mind a good CTA doesn’t just say, “Read this” or “Sign up for that.” It offers value. For example, say a dentist wants to start building an email list with a newsletter that shares tips to keep your teeth clean all year round. A good CTA button would be something like this, “Keep My Teeth Clean” or “I Want Clean Teeth!”

There’s no reason to be tricky or overly creative with CTAs. Be straightforward and focus on what the customer will get from the content. Don’t forget, when it comes to social media, your give should be greater than your ask.

Using Data to Determine the Best Time to Post

The key with this point is simple: post when your fans are online. Social media has come a long way since its inception. And thanks to detailed data, we know when the majority of our fans are thumbing through social platforms.

There are a million suggestions out there telling you the best times and days to post on social. The truth is that timing is different for every brand and you have to determine your own strategy through analytics and data.

One metric that is universal is that interaction on social media is at its highest in that first hour after posting. So be sure you’re ready to respond accordingly.

Interact with Similar Brands

Social media rewards those who are social. Interacting with businesses or brands that complement your own can be very helpful on any channel.

If a competitor is hosting an event, share it. If a particular post resonates with you, make a thoughtful comment.

Set aside time each week to interact with the brands you follow and those that follow you. Remember social media is more than just posting your own stuff. It’s meant to be a two-way, give and take relationship. They’ll appreciate the engagement.

User-Generated Content to the Rescue

User-generated content means sharing any form of material that was created by the end user, who are most likely your fans. This content helps you be more transparent and builds trust with your audience, promoting engagement.

UGC is should be part of your content strategy. It’s not only a timesaver as it’s created for you but not by you, it’s also a great way to show your fans you appreciate them.

There is a right way to go about posting user-generated content. Always ask permission before reposting someone else’s work and make sure you give credit to the original creator in your post.

Stock Photography is Getting the Boot

Social media is turning toward imperfection instead of fake content. People are over perfect pictures and videos so it’s time to let go of your typical stock photography and clips too (as much as you can).

This is a harder practice to achieve but you don’t need a fancy camera, expensive lighting, or a big studio to maintain a successful presence on social media. A smart phone and a good eye are enough to create some effective posts.

One tip is to practice close proximity in your photos or video. Let’s say you’re promoting a blog. Create a short video of yourself, within 4 feet of the camera, and explain the high points of the blog. Reflect a closeness so it’s like being in the same room as your viewers.

Use stock images sparingly as you build up your library of real ones.

The Key Takeaways

More engagement on social will help your brand reach your marketing goals by capturing the attention of new prospects and converting them into customers. These five best practices can help your social posts go from good to great. 

  1. Keep CTA’s should simple, actionable, and relate to your end-user
  2. Review your data for the best time to post on social.
  3. Be social on social channels by sharing and commenting on other content.
  4. Utilize UGC to add variety to your content and show appreciation to your fans
  5. Bring real to your business with your creative photos and video.