Life, liberty, and the pursuit of… automation. If you’re a small business owner (and marketer by default) the thought of drafting content, proofreading that content, scoring graphics, and scheduling social posts is just how it sounds – a lot of steps and a lot of time. Meanwhile, the call of summer begs you to enjoy the freedom of the open road or some R&R on a sandy beach.

The good news is if you want some extended time away from the office, there are tools that can help.

With these finds, you can soak up the vitamin D, while your social media marketing runs on Vitamin A – “A” as in automated, done-for-you scheduling.

And your online presence won’t skip a beat without you.


First, you need inspiration for your content. BuzzSumo is the shortcut for marketers indexing what’s popular or “all the buzz” by topic. It can take hours scanning social media accounts and hashtags to uncover what, exactly, is getting the most engagement. This online tool is a powerful search engine analyzing what’s resonating in your niche market.

BuzzSumo allows for keyword alerts, too, updating you when categorical content is published or posted.

Want to know what your competitors are talking about? Who might be the influencers in your space? This quick roadmap will shape your social posts, so you can join popular conversations and create buzzworthy bragging rights of your own.



A similar tool to BuzzSumo is Feedly, where your feeds and reading habits are synchronized across devices. Dubbed as a news service provider, content is aggregated seamlessly, so that you can scan headlines and stories quickly from a variety of syndicated sites.

If any site provides content in RSS (Real Simple Syndication), you can add it to Feedly rather than fumbling around the far corners of the web. This way you stay knowledgeable about your market, pluck out relevant content to share and do it in half the time of a manual Google search.



Some might argue that Unsplash isn’t an automated tool and they would be right. However, it’s a huge timesaver nonetheless, so I can’t keep it to myself. Unsplash houses a bevy of professional photos and images totally free for commercial use.

Just type in the search field what you might be looking for (food, sports, landscapes, etc.) and you’ll find the right visual to accompany your blog or social media graphic. You won’t have to sift through licensed images or purchase boring, run-of-the-mill stock photos.



You’ve got content and imagery in your arsenal, so now it’s time to create a catch-all. CoSchedule is the perfect organizer allowing you to plan, create, and promote your social media posts from one central place. You can build social media campaigns, schedule a myriad of social posts ahead of time, and never leave your master project calendar.

CoSchedule also features a “best time” option, taking the guesswork out of when to post. So, if you’re wondering when it’s optimal to reach your target audience, you’ve got a tool to cover the bases.

For more on creating automated social campaigns, click here.



If you’re a small business on a budget, SocialPilot won’t hurt your pockets. My team and I have been pleasantly surprised by this tool and for good reason. Besides offering economical packages, you can schedule social posts, analyze engagement and analytics with easy-to-read reports, and use workflow systems to keep your team on the same page (literally!).

You can also bulk schedule your social posts months in advance, so you can prep for vacation without breaking a sweat.

SocialPilot comes equipped with a content curation feature too, so you can mix both original and evergreen posts to round out your monthly calendar. Like most resources these days, scheduling is mobile friendly and uploading images, GIFs, and videos is a breeze. Check out SocialPilot’s specific features here.

For small business owners, downtime is often a fantasy. Yet, with these turnkey resources, you can fly the coupe without guilt. Your 24/7 marketing machine will be hard at work, so you can be hard at play.

Pack up your suitcase, sunshine, and let freedom ring!

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