So you’re going to paradise and you’re bringing your laptop. There’s nothing quite like working (and worrying) about your business while on vacation.

Okay, you caught us. That’s not a vacation; it’s the worst kind of stress!

The digital world brings business to an entirely new ball game. You aren’t just focused on the bills and managing the brick and mortar. Social media and the internet create other challenges like engaging with fans on Twitter, releasing a new offer through email marketing, and all those meeting invites.

So, we’re running through the tools to keep in your back pocket that will save you time, effort, and money in the long run. When you can jump those hurdles and take back control of your digital space, then you can honestly go on a worry-free vacation.

I can smell the sandy waters already!


When things work together, life is better. Much like your football team uniting to play a killer game. Unfortunately, seamless connection in business isn’t always possible. You have social accounts, email accounts, and about two dozen apps on your phone all helping you run your business.

It’s time to streamline your business with If This, Then That or IFTTT. This tool gives you the ability to sync your apps and devices. Plus, the free version works pretty well for itself. Here’s how it works: If a blog post is published (This), Then tweet this article link on my twitter account (That). When you publish your latest blog, the logic you set through IFTTT will then promote that blog on Twitter.

This kind of automation really puts the mind at ease. Instead of worrying about promoting your blog on social, you’ll have more time sitting poolside with a glass of lemonade.


How long does it take you to write an email? Say ten or twenty minutes depending on the content. What about the time it takes you to write a social media post or blog article? Those take a little more patience. Here’s the bigger question. When you’re writing content, how much time do you spend correcting your work or how much do you pay to have someone else correct it?

Grammarly is in the business of great writing, and you should be too. This tool does more than make sure you dot your I’s and cross your T’s. Grammarly is a free plugin that checks for grammar and spelling errors. The best part, once you install the plugin, you can instantly use it across platforms from email to Facebook posts. And with the paid version, Grammarly can also correct writing style and tone.

This tool is like a personal editor built into your computer and a big time saver, which means less time at your computer and more time soaking in the sun.

Meet Edgar

Put your social media on autopilot. That’s right, hike through the Grand Canyon and leave your social media worries behind!

With Meet Edgar, you can manually upload your content, and it’s color-coded categories make it a super organized experience. Other impressive features include automatic posting, browser extension ability, and automatic content variation. Yes, you heard that right. Meet Edgar can prepare copy variation for you.

Meet Edgar has a one-month free trial then for $49 bucks a month you can hit the ground running.


Meetings and business go together like peanut butter and jelly. You really can’t have one without the other. What doesn’t need to happen is the constant back and forth just to schedule a meeting, “Are you available Tuesday at 11? No, how about Wednesday? NO? Just tell me when you’re available.”

We’ve all been there. Here’s a tool that makes the scheduling meetings much easier. It’s called Calendly!

Calendly lets you set up availability preferences, share your personal link via email or embed on your site, has time zone intelligence, and so much more. Its basic plan is completely free and has two paid versions, premium and pro.

Spend a week on the beach and show up to work on Monday with meetings already scheduled. You won’t miss a beat.


Now that you mention it, while you’re camping under the stars who’s keeping tabs on the world wide web for you.

Our last tool is called Mention. It’s like your own private security team monitoring the media for any mention of your brand. This tool has real-time monitoring, which is great when you are trying to engage with fans. Say a local news outlet features your brand in a blog, Mention will pick that up and alert you.

Mention also comes in handy as a competitor analysis tool. Using the same scenario, if a local news outlet features a competitor, you will quickly know about it and be able to act.

That’s a wrap!

  1. Use IFTTT to streamline your productivity by connecting your apps and devices.
  2. Choose Grammarly to have your back when it comes to editing everything you write.
  3. Let Meet Edgar help you efficiently run social media.
  4. Have Calendly schedule all your meetings for you.
  5. Get Mention to keep an eye on the digital sphere while you’re away

Spend less time and effort on all the little things it takes to run your business and more time jet skiing, sky diving or maybe just relaxing!

And if you’re looking for another great way to pick up some downtime, schedule a call with us. We can help you streamline your social marketing so you can get back to planning that dream vacation.

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