Ah, the glory days of going back to school.
Remember sitting in a classroom trying to recite Shakespeare?
Or, cramming for that history test?

Well, nowadays, most businesses would rather make history than study it. And thou shall do that with the help of social media, of course!

Tweeting, liking, and engaging is the digital equivalent of wooing fans and winning customers. Nevertheless, it’s easy to feel swallowed up by viral video hacks, paid advertising, and hashtagging “this and that.”

As a small business owner, you long for simple overtures like word-of-mouth referrals. And, you probably grapple with one lingering question…

Should I invest thousands of dollars in self-paced marketing tutorials and courses to help me with social media marketing?

We’re here to tell you, you don’t have to spend a fortune on 6-figure gimmicks. If you’re looking for solid, step-by-step lessons designed specifically for the social media novice, we’ve done some legwork for you.

These five swoon-worthy programs will teach you the basics of Social Media 101. And they’re economically-friendly for small businesses on a budget.


Udemy– Under $200.00

Social Media Marketing & Marketing Strategy Masterclass 2018
With a nearly five-star rating, this online package spans the digital landscape. You’ll learn how to create an online presence via social media marketing, blogging, copywriting, email marketing, search engine optimization, video production, and photography. With 44 in-depth training modules you’ll master proven marketing techniques and gain lifetime access to all course materials. If you want your hands in a little bit of everything, then make this your go-to grand slam.

Check out the curriculum here.


MediaBistro– Under $120.00

Social Media Marketing: Create Effective and Strategic Campaigns
Sometimes simple is way better. If you’re looking to dip your toes in the water, start with this gem. This course is designed to “demystify social media marketing and guide you through the endless capabilities of platforms like Facebook and Instagram.” By learning to think like a marketer, you’ll overturn tactical feats such as driving traffic to your website. And you’ll have the inside scoop on how to monitor comments and engage with your followers, develop a strategic approach to hashtags, and experiment with timing and frequency of social media postings.

For eager beginners, it’s a no-brainer. Promise.


Boot Camp Digital– $97.00 Monthly Subscription

All Access Pass
Join the big leagues! Used by heavy hitters like Google, NASA, and Nike, Boot Camp Digital social media courses span over 70 hours of online training, resourceful templates, and a free membership to Digital Insiders (monthly Q&A with industry experts). They offer beginner to advanced courses covering every major social media network as well as constant updates on internet marketing tools and strategies. Want an online certification? Boot Camp Digital will help you scale up and the depth and breadth of their online library certainly holds its weight in gold.

This only scratches the surface though. Check out their video for a full overview.


SavvyTech Training Lab– $47.00 Monthly Membership

Tech Trainings

If you’re a solopreneur or run a creative business, this laboratory is for you. Originally a starter kit for virtual assistants, SavvyTech is a user-friendly platform offering the latest tools in marketing and project management. It was born out of sheer frustration with mass-produced online tutorials… most of which are highly technical and jargon-laced. This lab is designed to lift your business, your operating muscle, and your brand into one cohesive powerhouse. New trainings are added monthly and ancillary materials such as helpful podcasts and eBooks sweeten the deal.

From hosting webinars to deploying emails with ease, you’ll be just what the name implies– oh-so-savvy.


Marley Baird Media– Free Resources

Video Tutorials & Check Lists
Marley is an online guru in the digital marketing world having produced events with Gary Vaynerchuk, Randi Zuckerberg, and Robin Sharma. An expert in Facebook advertising, viral videos,  and social media, she isn’t timid about giving away her trade secrets. With the click of your email, you’ll learn how to create content calendars, garner online followers, and optimize your YouTube videos for maximum exposure. With half million-dollar product launches and five-figure sponsorship deals, the gal must be doing something right. And her easy-going nature makes marketing feel breezy, easy, and fun.

Take a peek at her masterclasses and share-worthy guides. You won’t be disappointed.

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